Common Myths About Frozen Fish

Are you the type of person who avoids buying frozen fish? Maybe you think of it only worthy of frozen fish fingers, and think that frozen fish lacks quality or freshness? We have a look at and bust some common myths about frozen fish.

Many people might be concerned that frozen fish loses its nutritional benefits when frozen, but in fact, it has the same health benefits as fresh fish, retaining essential nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids and lean protein. Frozen fish can also be a lifesaver for making quick and easy dinners.

Myth 1 - Fresh fish is better quality than frozen

Many people believe that fresh fish is of superior quality to frozen fish, especially if they have concerns that the fish was left lying around before being frozen. 

However, most fish are frozen in a flash-freezing unit while still at sea, minutes after being caught. This means that this freshly caught fish doesn’t need to be transported for miles before being frozen.

Myth 2 - Frozen fish loses its flavour and texture

When you want to eat seafood, you will want it to have the best possible flavour and texture. But if you thaw your frozen fish properly, the texture and flavour will be just as good as if you bought it fresh.

To maximise the quality of your frozen fish, make sure it is free from ice crystals, spots, or discolouration, as these are signs of freezer burn. If you’re buying your fish from a fishmonger, they will be able to answer any questions about how to defrost your frozen fish for the best results.

Myth 3 - Buying frozen fish is irresponsible

Some people believe that buying frozen fish is irresponsible, but it can be more responsible than buying fresh fish.

Fish that are frozen are typically caught when the fish is in season, meaning that fish populations are not being depleted when they are already low. Responsibly farmed fish are a great choice whether fresh or frozen.

Also, time-sensitive fish are often transported by air freight, which has a greater environmental impact than slower forms of transport, which can move frozen fish without compromising the quality.

Frozen seafood can be stored safely in a home freezer for months and served only when needed. Its extended shelf life also helps make frozen more affordable than fresh because the manufacturer’s waste and costs are lower. And, because it’s stored in a freezer, frozen seafood can be enjoyed all year long.

There’s nothing better than fresh, locally caught seafood. However, for those who don’t have access to local fresh seafood or are just looking for a great-tasting and convenient everyday meal solution, frozen seafood can be a terrific option.

Now that you know that frozen fish is just as healthy, high in quality and tasty as fresh fish, you can enjoy the savings and convenience that buying frozen fish offers.

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