Creative Ways To Cook Your Favourite Fish

One aspect of cooking with fish that is almost underrated at times is the sheer variety of different types available, each with its own special flavours, optimum cooking methods and signature dishes.

There is very much an incentive to do so as well; fish (oily fish especially) are rich in vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids, which can help to keep your heart healthy, and adding a fresh fish delivery to your diet can do wonders for your health in the long term.

However, whilst fried, baked and grilled fish are delicious, especially with the right batter or spices, sometimes you yearn to try something different. And with that in mind, here are some creative ways to cook your favourite fish.


Steamed Fish

Steam cooking is becoming increasingly popular as of late, with the traditional Chinese method of using a bamboo steamer providing a particularly aesthetically pleasing way to cook delicious fish and vegetables (as well as steamed buns or dumplings).

It melts in the mouth and provides a fairly gentle taste, ideal for adding a spice rub and a delicious sauce.

It is also very quick, often cooking an entire portion in just ten minutes. The only consideration you need to make is to ensure that your basket is big enough to allow your fish fillet to lie flat.


Baked Fish

All the crunch with less of the fat, baked fish has become an increasingly popular way to have the delicious crunch that comes with fried fish but without the excess oil.

Outside of baked versions of classic takeaway favourites, baking takes full advantage of spices and salts to create a wonderful melody of flavours.

A top tip for this is to wrap your fish with baking paper or foil to seal in those delicious juices.


Dishwasher Salmon

A bizarre, truly unique way to cook certain types of fish, using the dishwasher to effectively sous-vide salmon does work, and whilst there are many caveats that mean you cannot cook every type of fish whilst doing your dishes, it might actually be worth a try to cook certain kinds of tender fish.

There are basically two methods to this. One method involves a clean dishwasher cycle and wrapping the salmon (and potatoes or anything you are serving with it) extremely tightly in foil so no water can get in, placing it on the top rack and allowing it to have a full cycle.

The other method involves using vacuum-sealed bags or airtight jars and cooking food alongside your regular cooking cycle, which can make the method eco-friendly.

The end result is tender and flaky, just how you want your salmon. But bear in mind that dishwashers are not that hot, and so only fish that can be cooked at warm rather than hot temperatures can be cooked in this way.


Slow Cooker

By far the easiest way to cook pretty much any food if you have the patience for it, slow cooking leads to exceptionally tender, melt in the mouth results.

Whether you use fish as part of a hearty chowder, as the primary ingredient in a delicious fish stew, or slow-cooked on high with a marinade, there are a lot of options and very few wrong ways to cook in a slow cooker.