A Guide To Fresh Fish With Fish To Your Door

If you, like many others, have wanted to incorporate some new fresh fish into your diet, this guide will give you an overview of where to start and what to look out for. Incorporating fresh fish into your diet has great health benefits as eating fresh fish provides a great source of nutrients, including omega 3 fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, iodine, and calcium. It’s important to shop fish seasonally to ensure you are not contributing to overfishing practices; at Fish To Your Door all of our fish is sustainably sourced.  


Salmon is one of the UK’s most consumed fish dishes and it's packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Born in freshwater, salmon migrate to saltwater and later return to their rivers to spawn. Salmon is easy to cook and if you’re looking for an easy step by step recipe check out our charred salmon with pomegranate molasses. Salmon is best had from late Spring to early Autumn, and thanks to its versatility with flavours and exceptionally quick cooking time, it is an extremely popular UK fish dish.


Undoubtedly, Cod is one of Britain's most famous dishes, known widely as the chicken of the sea. Mild in flavour with a flakey white flesh, Cod is usually served battered with a good helping of chips and peas, washed down with an ice-cold beer. If you’re a fan of Cod you’ll be glad to know that fresh Cod is a good source of phosphorus which is critical to the strength of bone and teeth. Cod is available all year round, at Fish To Your Door, our Cod is sustainably caught and boned within hours.



Mackerel is a deliciously nutritious fish, with beautiful skin, rich in oil and flavour. It has a distinctive taste. Our Smoked Mackerel is incredibly moist and juicy and is ideal for flaking into salads. A whole Mackerel can be stuffed with herbs and baked for 20-30 minutes in the oven, fuss-free, and packed with flavour. Mackerel is best paired with soft flavours such as beetroot, cucumber, or citrusy flavours like lemon or lime. 



Bass is a name shared by many species of fish - the name includes both marine and freshwater species. Although many different species are available worldwide, in the UK and Ireland, the fish sold and consumed as SeaBass is exclusively the European Bass also known as the Dicentrarchus Labrax - a real tongue twister! Bass has a mild and sweet flavour, whether you serve it baked, grilled, or pan-fried it makes the perfect dinner party dish. Bass is available all year round however the best seasons for wild and fresh Sea Bass ranges late spring to early autumn. 


Gilt Head Bream 

According to ancient greek mythology, Gilt Head Bream was considered sacred to Aphrodite - the goddess of love, which makes this fish perfect for romantic nights in! Gilt Head bream have stunning silvery skin, they are available all year around and the larger fish are great for filleting and stuffing with pesto. Gilt Head bream can simply be baked, warped in foil, and placed in the over for 20-30 minutes. Late spring and summer months are the best time of the year to indulge in this tasty fish dish.


Monkfish has a unique appearance, with a flattened head and meaty white flesh. Interestingly, the tail is the only edible part of this fish! Monkfish are deep water dwellers and will eat almost anything that swims nearby. The tail of the monkfish is prized for its tenderness and mild flavour. Before cooking Monkfish be sure to remove any gunk and membranes that may be tucked away. Monkfish is very versatile to cook and can be baked, broiled, fried, or grilled; the fillets take on marinades and sauces so once seasoned it can be very flavoursome. Monkfish is known widely as ‘the poor man's lobster’ and pairs well with butter.


Dover sole 

Where did Dover sole gain its name I hear you ask? Dover sole simply gained its name because of the sheer amount fished by the UK’s fishing fleet and that fleet out of Dover supplying more than any other to Billingsgate Fish Market. Dover sole has more of a meat-like texture than most other fish and its flavour can be described as delicate, mild, and sweet. Dover sole is best cooked pan fried in butter and is best paired with a home-made tartar sauce, giving the dish a dash of something special without taking away too much from the flavour. 



Plaice generally has a mild and sweet flavour which makes it appealing to many people. Due to its popularity, it unfortunately faces extreme overfishing; so, if you do decide to order plaice, be sure to shop sustainably. Here at Fish To Your Door, all of our fish is sustainably caught. Plaice has an approximate short cooking time of 4-5 minutes, which makes it the perfect dish to rustle up after work, especially if you’ve been on your feet all day. Why not try coating Plaice in egg and breadcrumbs and pan-frying over a little oil?


 Skate doesn’t always receive the recognition that it deserves as far as tasty fish dishes are concerned. This large fish is best combined with delicate flavours - it’s the perfect summer fish to serve alongside a crisp salad. If you are the type to  steer away from fish or seafood in fear of bones, then you are in for a treat. Skate wings have cartilage, not bones, which means it’s far easier to separate the flesh from cartilage when tucking in - making it the most perfect boneless treat!


Trout is one of the healthiest fish to include in your diet. Freshwater Trout is low in calories and high in protein and an incredibly easy fish to cook. It is usually found in crystal clear waters and lakes across Europe, North America and North Asia. Trout is available all year around in the UK, which means there is no excuse not to try your hand at creating a dish with this simple and healthy fresh fish. When baked, Trout is juicy and flavourful; we’d recommend seasoning it with lemon and fresh herbs.

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