Healthy Eating with Fish To Your Door

Let’s admit it. 2020 was the year that we all over indulged, some slightly, some excessively, but with the tumultuous year that we’ve had, all is forgiven! Starting a new year, however, often gets us thinking about how we feel, how we look, and what our new year objectives are. For many this involves reassessing their diet, especially with January trending for ‘Veganuary’ and ‘Dry January’. For all those who are simply looking to adopt healthy eating habits, you’ve come to the right place.

To maintain a well-balanced and healthy diet, fish should be consumed at least twice a week, with one being an oily fish. Say goodbye to all those meats that take longer to digest and have no nutritional value to add, and instead swap it for fresh fish that is full of protein, minerals and vitamins. In fact, oily fish like Salmon is packed with omega-3 fat which is great in keeping your heart and brain healthy. Below is a selection of fish that we’d recommend to get on that healthy eating ladder right away:



Salmon falls within the category of a good oily fish with numerous benefits and it is a favourite of so many! It is often considered as ‘superfood’ because of its low calorie count, high protein content and omega 3 fatty acids, which help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. These fatty acids also aid in burning fat, helping you lose that excess weight you gained thanks to that delicious Christmas cake and never ending truffle chocolates! What you may not know is that Salmon is also excellent brain food, which promotes better concentration and memory retention (super useful for getting back into the rut of things after a long break!). 

The best thing about this fish is its versatility, and can be eaten either raw, baked, grilled, pan fried or steamed. While there are plenty of healthy recipes for Salmon, we particularly love Charred Salmon with Pomegranate molasses. 



Considered as one of the healthiest fish around, this species is also a very fast growing fish. Simply put, it repopulates easily, hence can handle higher amounts of fishing. Along with being rich in omega 3s, it provides 100% of Vitamin D that is crucial for places like the UK where we witness long and dark winters. Even though vitamin supplements are available for the months where we get limited natural sunlight, certain foods like Mackerel are extremely high in Vitamin D, hence including this fish into your diet during those cold Winter months is highly recommended. 

Mackerel fish has quite a distinct flavour that can be cooked several ways and pairs well with bold seasonings. If you enjoy stronger flavours, then marinating it with citrus or vinegar bodes well for those taste palates. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, then why not poach the fillets with a dash of red wine with some onion and pepper?




Cod is a fish that has been enjoyed by people all over the world for centuries. In the UK it is famously known for being eaten as the fish in ‘fish and chips’, but that of course is deep fried and unhealthy. In fact, Cod is extremely healthy and perfect for those who generally prefer a meatier texture and find it difficult to give that up. For all those who enjoy bodybuilding or simply looking to build their muscle mass, then this is your fish. Cod helps improve muscle mass as it is packed with protein which promotes the growth and repair of muscles, along with amino acids, zinc, and selenium, all of which help build muscle.  

Amongst many benefits, Cod is also great for the skin, immune system, prevents diabetes and reduces the risk of Alzheimers! What more can you ask for?!

Well, there you have it. Now that we’ve been given you our top 3 fish to get you onto that healthy eating ladder, where will you start?