Top Fish Dishes To Serve At A Wedding

When it comes to wedding menus, most couples opt for chicken or beef as they are regarded as safe choices for guests. However, it is short-sighted to look over fish, as there is a huge range of delicious seafood dishes your friends and family are bound to love.

Here are just a few fantastic fish courses you should consider serving on your Big Day.


  • Thai Fish Cakes

Canape trends have changed a lot over the years, with guests these days typically receiving retro mini burgers, small portions of samosas, or bitesize Beef Wellingtons as they arrive at the reception venue.

An equally popular option is the Thai fishcake, with these breadcrumbed balls easy to pick up from the tray without making a mess and incredibly delicious. There are many ways to jazz up the flavour of a fishcake, so you can opt for Indian, Spanish or traditional versions of these appetisers instead if you prefer.


  • Seafood salads

It is perhaps not surprising to find out that the majority of weddings take place during the summer months, with recent figures showing nearly 100,000 nuptials were held between June and August 2017, compared with almost 150,000 for the remaining nine months of the year. This means two-thirds of these special occasions occur when the weather is – hopefully – warmer.

That is why salads are a good choice when it comes to starters, as they are light and not too filling. What’s more, fish or seafood are excellent accompaniments for the very same reason. 

James Carpenter, executive chef in the Hamptons, USA, told Insider a popular choice is a lobster mango salad with lemon crème fraiche and avocado mousse.

“This delicious dish can be plated in advance and served very quickly as a first course. It provides an elegant touch for a sophisticated couple's destination wedding in the Hamptons,” Carpenter commented.


  • Scallops

Brides and grooms who prefer something a bit more substantial for their starter could opt for scallops instead. There are several different ways to serve the delicious seafood, whether wrapped in bacon or simply grilled with fresh oranges and cucumbers.

Why not serve with a side dish of fennel salad? Alternatively, you could have a rich plate of creamy garlic scallops for a more filling meal.


  • Seabass

Most people who choose fish at weddings tend to expect to be served salmon for the main dish. So why not break the mould and do something different by offering your guests delicious seabass instead?

Pescatarians are likely to enjoy the change from salmon, particularly if they are not even fans of the oily fish.

Instead, seabass can be both delicious and plentiful, so your guests won’t finish their meal feeling unsatisfied.

Chef de cuisine Sean Carney from Madison Beach Hotel in Connecticut recommends a Chilean seabass with bold flavours.

“Citrus and herb-encrusted Chilean seabass with Mediterranean couscous and a tomato coulis [is a] light yet filling dish [that] features bright flavours perfect for a memorable dining option,” he stated, adding it is a “pleasant and ‘hearty’ fish that pairs well with the acid of the citrus and [the] herb crust”. 


  • Lobster

Lobster is perhaps the most decadent of all seafoods, so it makes sense to have it at your special event.

There are many ways to serve this delicious crustacean, from mini lobster rolls for starters, with mayonnaise, lemon zest and tarragon, to traditional grilled lobster served simply with herbed butter.

A hearty lobster bake is also a popular idea, with this feast featuring clams, potatoes, and miniature corn on the cobs that are cooked together in one big hotpot. While this dish may be less decadent and more homely, it is certainly a fun choice for a wedding menu.


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