Our Story

Fish To Your Door is a family run business that has been operating out of Sussex and delivering all over the UK for over 25 years.

We buy the majority of our fish directly from local fishermen that fish the channel and anchor in Newhaven, Seaford, Eastbourne, Littlehampton, Portsmouth and Brighton. We are proud to support these fishermen and the coastal communities they are a part of, especially as they all fish within the 'Under 10 Meter Artisanal Fleet'. The under 10m sector employs the highest number of fishermen nationwide while having the lowest environmental impact, creating jobs and food while acting ethically and responsibly with our shared marine resources.

In order to ensure there is continuous stock for all of our customers in such a dynamic and variable industry, we also purchase fish from all major fish markets around the UK and we stock only responsibly sourced fish from aquaculture farms all over Europe and the Mediterranean. We are aware of the increasing pressure on wild fish populations, hence we source certain species, deemed to be heavily overfished, from farms instead.

Fish To Your Door sells only the freshest fish and our traceability system means that every product can be tracked all the way from the sea to the saucepan! Coupled with our new Sustainable Certification, this means that when you buy from us you are getting the freshest, most responsibly sourced fish money can buy - money that directly supports coastal communities along the Sussex coast!