Brill Whole


This speckled, shallow-water flatfish can be found anywhere between the waters of southern Iceland and the Mediterranean and Black Seas. It comes into season in British waters in May and sticks around until December. But is at its peak between June and August.

Like other fish in the turbot family, brill can change its colour to suit its surroundings.

Brill is often considered to be less flavoursome than its relative the turbot. However, we think its sweet-tasting, versatile flesh makes it a great candidate for pairing with strong flavours.

How to Cook

Brill’s firm texture makes it perfect for pan-frying with a generous amount of butter. But if you’re looking to keep things on the lighter side, a simple, steamed fillet can still stand up to the flavours of a punchy lemon and caper dressing.

What to Drink

Chardonnay is your best bet when cooking brill with lashings of butter or perhaps a creamy sauce. But like its flat cousins, plaice and sole, brill also pairs beautifully with a light, citrussy Chablis.


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