Cuttlefish Whole


Also known as ink fish, cuttlefish is a seriously underrated relative of squid and octopus.

Yes, it’s pretty mad-looking, and preparing it can get messy thanks to its ink sack, but it’s cheaper than its more popular cousins and, if you ask us, far more delicious.

Our whole cuttlefish are perfect for the adventurous home chef, looking to add a bit of drama to their dinner party menu.

How to Cook

Aside from the mess. Whole cuttlefish is actually fairly simple to prepare.

First thing’s first, clear the decks. Empty the sink and put on your apron.

Remove the tentacles and carefully pull out the head and guts. Gently does it so you don’t burst the ink sack but be sure to reserve this as the ink is extremely tasty and can be used to add a dramatic black hue and taste of the sea to risotto and pasta dishes.

Rinse the body in cold water to wash away any sand or ink. Pull out and discard the beak and remove the outer membrane from the body.

You should be left with a bright, white tube that’s perfect for serving calamari style with lemon aioli.

Of course, if that sounds a lot like hard work, our cuttlefish also comes cleaned and as ready to cook fillets.

What to Drink

Just like its close relative the squid, cuttlefish tastes simply exceptional when teamed with a sparkling white and sunshine.


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