Dover Sole Whole




Fun fish fact: sole was named for its resemblance to a sandal. The Latin word for which is solea.

There are many different varieties of sole available. But the common, or dover sole, is the most sought after.

Dover sole has a mild, sweet flavour and a meaty texture, which is perhaps why it is able to hold its own against the heavy sauces favoured by European chefs.

Our dover sole comes from Cornish waters where stocks have been well managed in recent years thanks to the EU’s sole recovery plan.

How to Cook

You are guaranteed to impress your dinner guests with the simple yet elegant French bistro classic Sole a la Meunière. Translated as sole “miller’s style”, the dish is so named for the light dusting of flour the sole receives before being pan-fried and bathed in a rich, golden beurre noisette with lemon juice, parsley, and seasoning.


What to Drink

A medium-bodied, but not too oaky Chardonnay makes a crisp accompaniment to Sole a la Meunière. Alternatively, you might consider a fruity Pinot Blanc from Alsace to bring out the freshness of the lemon in the sauce.

Nutritional Information (per 100g serving)

Energy 90 kcal
Fat 0.3g (of which 0.1g is saturated fat)
Protein 4.7g
Rich in Vitamin E, vitamin B12, thiamine and riboflavin


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