Frozen Baby Octopus



Octopus can be slightly trickier to prepare than its cousin the squid. But we promise it’s totally worth the effort.

Tenderising the octopus prior to cooking is key to ensuring that its texture doesn’t become tough, which it can be prone to do.

The traditional way to tenderise octopus meat is to hurl it repeatedly against a rock. We think that sounds like a fantastic way to blow off steam, if a little impractical for most.

Buying frozen baby octopus is also great way to ensure your meet stays nice and tender as the freezing and thawing process helps to break down the meat's fibers.

How to Cook

Baby octopus is a Mediterranean delight when marinaded in lemon, olive oil and oregano and then grilled to achieve perfectly crispy tentacles.

What to Drink

The island of Sardinia offers some great wine pairing options for octopus such as Vermentino or Nuragus.


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