Handmade Fish Cakes


We provide a variety of ready to eat Fish Cakes for a range of different palates. 

Colonial Fishcakes
Aromatic market fish with potato, peas, carrots and Indian spices - not hot, just subtle sub-continent flavours.


Cooked white fish (30%) cooked potatoes,peas (8%),sunflower oil, egg, carrots (7%),breadcrumbs (wheat flour) [calcium carbonate,iron, niacin, thiamine] water,salt,yeast,palm oil,rapeseed oil,onion,fresh coriander,lime juice,wheat flour [calcium carbonate,iron,niacin,thiamin],garlic,salt, lime zest,spices,coriander, turmeric,cumin, pepper,lime leaves 

Wightcakes (net weight 320g)
Classic style, white fishcakes made with spring onions, fresh herbs, lemon and just the right amount of seasoning... 


Cooked white fish (37%),cooked potatoes,sunflower oil, egg, spring onion (6%), breadcrumbs (wheat flour),[calcicum carbonate,iron,niacinthiamine],water,salt,yeast, palm oil,rapeseed oil),onion, lemon juice,parsley,wheat flour,[calcium carbonate, iron,niacin,thiamin],lemon zest,salt,pepper

Mac ‘n’ Beet Fishcakes
Catch smoked mackerel,with earthy beetroot & a peppery horseradish lift. It’s pink and positively yummy!!


Smoked mackerel (fish) (31%), cooked potatoes,beetroot (10%),sunflower oil,egg,breadcrumbs,(wheat flour, (calcium carbonate,iron niacin thiamin),water,salt,yeast,palm oil,palm stearin,rapeseed oil),onion,horseradish (2.5%),lemon juice,parsley,dill,wheat flour,[calcium carbonate,iron niacin thiamin],beetroot powder,lemon zest,salt,pepper.

Smokey Bill Fishcakes 
Stacked with naturally smoked fish and named after one of our characterful fishermen ‘Portland Bill’ 


Smoked cooked fish (35%),cooked potatoes,sunflower oil,egg, breadcrumbs (wheat flour [calcium carbonate,iron,niacin,thiamine]water,salt,yeast,palm oil,rapeseed oil),onion,spring onion,lemon juice,parsley,wheat flour [calcium carbonate, iron,niacin,thiamin],dill lemon zest,salt, pepper

All the above Fish Cakes require approximately 15-20mins to cook.

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