Jellied Eeels



This cockney classic originated in East London in the 18th Century and is the original London street food.

Historically, it was made from freshwater eels which were a cheap, nutritious and readily available food source for the people of London.

It’s made by boiling eels in a spiced stock that’s then left to cool. The naturally gelatinous eels release collagen into the liquid during cooking which then sets when cool to form the jelly.

Jellied eels are eaten cold and are traditionally sold in pie, mash, and eel shops around the capital. Each of which has its own unique recipe.

How to Cook

Our jellied eels are ready to eat straight from the tub. Use a cocktail stick for the authentic street food experience.

What to Drink

What better way to enjoy this traditional London snack than with a pint of London Pride.


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