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Lemon sole is a misunderstood fish.

Despite what its name would have you think, it is neither lemony in flavour, nor is it a sole.

Lemon sole actually belongs to the flounder family and is more closely related to turbot and plaice than the esteemed Dover sole.

Rather than referring to its colour, its misleading name probably came from the French word limande / lime, meaning file, which possibly refers to the coarse texture of the fish’s skin.

In any case, Lemonsole is a delicate and sweet, white flesh that shines brightest when cooked simply by grilling or pan-frying.

How to Cook

Lemon sole works perfectly as a more affordable alternative to Dover sole in the classic French dish sole a la meunière.

It also plays nicely in a Mediterranean traybake with olives, cherry tomatoes, lemon, and herbs such as parsley and oregano.

What to Drink

A good, lightly oaked White Burgundy is a perfect partner for grilled lemon sole.

Failing that, Italian Pinot Grigio, Greek whites, French Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Champagne all make delightful accompaniments.


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