Lobster Meat



When most of us think of lobster we think luxury.

But lobster hasn’t always been synonymous with fine dining.

In the USA lobster was so widely available that it was considered a poor man’s food until as late as the 1950s when prices began to soar. And it’s been considered a delicacy ever since.

Lobsters have long, muscular bodies, fanned-out tails, ten legs and impressive front claws.

Its sweet and tender flesh varies depending on which part it comes from. Claw meat is rich and soft while meat from the body has a milder taste and slightly chewier texture.

Its oceanic flavour is similar to that of its relatives shrimp and crab.

How to Cook:

Whichever part of the body it comes from, lobster meat is fabulous enough to eat all on its own.

However, one of our favourite ways to eat lobster meat is in a lobster linguine dish with garlic, tomato and chilli.

What to Drink:

There’s a real sense of occasion about lobster that makes it the perfect centrepiece for a celebratory meal.

Of course, special celebrations call for fizz. Which is lucky because lobster and Champagne are a match made in fine dining heaven.

Nutritional Information (per 100g serving)
Energy 143 kcal
Fat 1.9g (0.3g of which is saturated fat)
Protein 26g
Rich in copper and selenium


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