Red Mullet Fillets


Red mullet is a member of the goatfish family and is typically found in tropical and warm waters, especially in the Mediterranean.

However, climate change has meant that red mullet can now be sustainably fished from British waters.

It is a very attractive fish whose red, pink and yellow scales seem to resemble all the colours of a glorious sunset.

Red mullet is classified as a white fish but it has a stronger flavour than most thanks to its higher fat content.

How to Cook

Red mullet is a traditionally Mediterranean fish and pairs beautifully with bold Mediterranean ingredients such as fennel, tomatoes, garlic, artichokes and olives.

Red mullet fillets are quick and easy to pan fry which makes the skin go nice and crispy.

Just be careful not to overcook your red mullet as the flesh can very quickly turn dry.

What to Drink

A crisp, Provençale Rosé makes an exceptional match for red mullet. Both in colour and flavour.


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