Smoked Cod Roe Packet




Smoked cod roe is not sold as loose eggs like other types of fish roe. Instead, cod roe is harvested with the roe sac still intact, giving it an almost sweetbread-like appearance.

It is then cured and smoked to give it an intense but well-balanced, smoky, salty flavour.

Smoked cod roe is highly nutritious and an excellent source of Vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids.

How to Cook

Smoked code roe can be eaten cold and on its own or spread on toast. It is also often used as a key component of the classic Greek mezze dish taramasalata.

What to Drink

Aromatic, floral white wines such as Riesling or possibly a Sylvaner from Alsace would work well with smoked cod roe.


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