Smoked Trout




Before the days of refrigerators, trout was cured and smoked purely as a means of preservation.

Nowadays, we smoke trout because we can’t get enough of its mildly smoky, slightly sweet flavour and delicate, meaty texture.

How to Cook:

Our smoked trout is ready to eat straight from the packet, either in a salad or as a deliciously rich accompaniment to your Sunday scrambled eggs.

It is also perfect for adding to creamy pasta sauces along with sweet garden peas and fresh parsley.

What to Drink:

Choose a light and crispy white wine such as a naturally acidic Dry Riesling or even Champagne to balance out the luxuriously fatty texture of your smoked trout.


All our fresh and frozen fish and seafood arrives at your door vacuum packed. This helps to ensure that it stays fresh and is easy to store in your fridge or freezer.


All fresh fish and seafood should be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of between 1 and 4°C and consumed by the date given on its packaging.


All orders will arrive within 1-2 working days, except for some local deliveries within Sussex which are shipped the same day via our own transport.

All deliveries will arrive before 5.30pm.

We offer free delivery to all UK postcodes on orders over £40.

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