Whelks in Shell




Whelks are sea snails that are found all over the world and are abundant around the UK.

They can grow up to a couple of inches long and have a briny, sweet flavour and pleasant but chewy texture that’s not dissimilar to that of a clam.

Whelks are popular in the UK and remind many of us of childhood trips to the seaside.

How to Cook

Whelks can be treated in a similar fashion to how you would make escargot with their land-loving snail cousins.

After giving your whelks a good clean, simply boil for around 4 minutes, being careful not to overdo it as they become tough and unpleasant to eat when overcooked.

Place in a serving dish, spoon over a generous amount of melted garlic and parsley butter, and serve with a chunk of crusty bread.

What to Drink

New World Chardonnay is an excellent match for whelks.


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