Whole Mackerel



Consumed all over the world, mackerel is an oily fish that’s rich in health-boosting omega-3 fatty acids.

Mackerel has a reputation for having a particularly pungent, fishy aroma.

It’s flesh can spoil quickly so was and still is often preserved by traditional salting, curing, and smoking processes.

Now, of course, refrigerators can keep mackerel’s odour at bay for longer, but it’s still best to eat our fresh mackerel within 24 hrs of receiving your order.

How to Cook

Mackerel fillets are quick to cook and go well with earthy flavours.

Fresh mackerel and beetroot make a particularly elegant couple.

The fish’s distinct markings and the vibrant hues of finely sliced heritage beetroot are a feast for the eyes. Adding an acidic element such as a finely sliced apple creates a refreshing balance.

What to Drink

Like most oily fish, fuller-bodied white wines are a great match for mackerel.

However, the rich fattiness of mackerel’s flesh makes it entirely possible to pair it with a lighter red wine such as a chilled Beaujolais.

Nutritional Information (per 100g serving)

Energy 189 kcal
Fat 12g of which 2.9g is saturated fat
Protein 19g
Rich in Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids


All our fresh and frozen fish and seafood arrives at your door vacuum packed. This helps to ensure that it stays fresh and is easy to store in your fridge or freezer.


All fresh fish and seafood should be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of between 1 and 4°C and consumed by the date given on its packaging.


All orders will arrive within 1-2 working days, except for some local deliveries within Sussex which are shipped the same day via our own transport.

All deliveries will arrive before 5.30pm.

We offer free delivery to all UK postcodes on orders over £40.

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